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It has created a painful wedge in many of these predominantly African-American communities, dividing families and neighbors who hold strong allegiances to their historic public schools yet are compelled to pursue the enticing promise of change for their children. The elixir of an individual bailout option not only divides communities, but also weakens the political will for collective action in support of public school systems. Within days of Hurricane Katrina, conservatives were lobbying aggressively in Baton Rouge and Washington. The message was clear and compelling: The storm is an opportunity to experiment at scale with a free-market construct for public education.

Within two weeks of the hurricane, U. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings referred to charter schools as "uniquely equipped" to serve students displaced by Katrina. To Read the Rest of This Article: Become a subscriber or online account holder to read this article and hundreds more. Learn more. Already a subscriber or account holder?

Plants Lovely And Plants Unlovely

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Featured Books Featured Books. Though it has two well-defined fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is pervasive, low-key, ever-shifting. Its casualties for us, at least tend to come in high-profile attacks, coupled with the slow attrition of soldiers who die terribly, but far less often, than the soldiers that America has sent into any prior major action.

The economy surges, recedes. We take vacations; we shop. Everything is fine. It is not possible to separate art from the world in which it is created but poetry is perhaps the most insular of arts, and the most neglected, although not by its practitioners. Spurred by the professionalizing ethos of MFA programs and the democratizing influences of the Internet, poetry — good, bad, and indifferent — is poised to become one of the most widely practiced art forms in the country.

So, how does it presume? And how does it begin? In those heady days, her Dick was a creature of elegiac tendendies: a bogeyman who had been gently pushed back into the closet. In wrestling with the cycle of history, Loden summons not only Dick Nixon, but the full complement of myth: fairy tales, Bible stories, cowboys, movie stars, and ancient empires not Rome but rather the empire of Sargon, whose Khorsabad, located a few miles from what is now Mosul, Iraq, was capital of ancient Assyria.

Blessed is he. Plus the goat must die.

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  • Ledbury, Herefordshire: Shall i compare thee to an unlovely Tesco?.

The dead witness eats dust. And the Capitol is wet. The fascination with repetition occurs not only in the substance of the poems themselves, but also in their form.

Jason Mraz - Unlonely (Official Lyric Video)

The apparition of the faces in the crowd; Petals on a wet, black bough. Her updates transform poems that had become museum pieces — beloved objects shut up behind the glass case of poetic memory and reverence — into living, vital work again, ready to kick up a fuss. As Rummy wields his Dictaphone, white memos drifting through the Pentagon like snow.

"All this may be very 'unlovely,' but it is I": A Margaret Fuller Letter as Edited by Her Friends

And so, though they traffic in death and its dealers, these are not poems of defeat. Bodies politic and stories may be buried alike. It is a book uniquely concerned with violence and with masculinity. People, cities, and even heavenly bodies die on nearly every one of its pages, lengthily, often grotesquely; young boys and men have the worst of it:.

The boy who drowned in the bog, the boy caught in the rotors, the boy who laughed too loud—. The ripcord worked, but the parachute fluttered weakly above and would not bloom—.

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He put his foot down in the foreign grass and heard a click, as of metal on metal. When he lifted that foot—. They put a bottle in my neck and threw me from the bridge into the river where I floated on my back then sank. I slept for weeks beneath a log, then woke to the light flittering through cold water. Chilled over, thick in the tongue and sweet— I could not speak, so watched instead the bits of silt that fell like dead embers. Where they appear, they act as foils, unwittingly perpetuating the misery of the military-industrial complex, as the unnamed addressee of the poem that lends the collection its title,. I went to help you with the bags. What was the body but a vessel, and what was the store but another, larger vessel? The keys sang in my numb fingers. The flag applauded in the wind. Sometimes, it rains for days. So we crawl into our cabin beds.