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Lorene remembers the feeling of the day she found out Koketia had been shot. And he did that. As hard as it was for her to say it, and though she had her doubts, Loretta believed her brother was guilty as well. Neither she nor her mom could believe Koketia would try to end her life. But Yathomas losing control? That made sense. The person who believed in Yathomas the most was his new girlfriend, Lisa.

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She and Yathomas had met while training with Stocking in a boxing gym in the Bronx and immediately fallen for each other. Amodio was finishing her residency at a local hospital, and when Yathomas asked her to be his cutman during fights, she jumped at the opportunity. She was always the most expressive at his boxing matches, screaming and gasping, throwing her hands in the air and holding them nervously against her body.

She climbed through the ropes and stepped onto the mat, finding a lawyer and, with him in tow, setting out to gather evidence. After multiple medical procedures, including a bath, Koketia still had a trace of gunshot residue on one fingernail. Yathomas, who was taken to jail directly from the house, had none on his hands. But after looking at the same report, Lisa — who was training to be an emergency room physician — came to the opposite conclusion.

Then, in , a Miami New Times story dropped a bombshell. It was sent to Koketia by an inmate at the prison where she worked. Near the bottom, however, one sentence stands out. A phone number contains 10 digits. A social security number has nine. Williams claimed her identity had been stolen when she was jailed in and that false tax returns had been filed in her name ever since. Less than two months later, the prosecution filed a memorandum. The prosecution would have argued three key pieces of evidence:. But those arguments never saw the light of a courtroom.

He and Lisa married and bought a house in Albany, where she started a job at a small hospital. Yathomas opened up a gym there, meant to be the headquarters for his resurgence.

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In October of , the couple had a son, Giuseppi. The family left the hospital in a limo. In his first year as a pro at Star Boxing, , Yathomas fought four times and won four times. That was expected. That three of those fights ended in knockouts — two in the first round — was an added bonus for DeGuardia. He was a real fighter. For the most part, Yathomas was everything DeGuardia had hoped for. Four more wins in vaulted Yathomas to an 8—0 start and the precipice of a bigger stage.

He had spells of times where, if he would have listened, he would have been moved up even quicker. A February fight in was changed from a unanimous decision win to a no-contest after Yathomas tested positive for illegal substances.

Other times, he cancelled a week in advance. At all times, it seemed, Yathomas was fighting with his management, his trainers, DeGuardia and Katz. Not a violent guy, but a stubborn guy who thought he knew it all. He could have been world champion.

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Not yet. So the boxer asked the matchmaker to set up a fight. Not a cupcake opponent, but a real challenger. He had no time to waste. Katz found one, DeGuardia set to work promoting the match, and everyone around Yathomas set to work trying to convince him not to fight. Every part of his body wanted to talk Yathomas out of this fight, but by now, he knew his boxer. Yathomas only listened to you if you were telling him what he wanted to hear.

He was going to fight. The fight was scheduled for May Finally, as he always knew it would, the spotlight had found him.

Girl Killed at Jerusalem Pride Parade Was Murdered Twice

But my goal is a World Championship, nothing less, just like it always has been. In the ring on May 11, however, nothing was as it had been. Yathomas lost the eight-round fight by unanimous decision. It was his first professional loss, and it would be his last professional fight. He had a wife and a baby and a house, and in them, he had a purpose.

From everything his friends and family knew, life was perfect. But as he had done with boxing, Yathomas poured his all into that singular purpose, and unlike with boxing, that began to create problems. He showed up in the hospital parking lot one afternoon wearing a shoulder holster with two guns strapped in. They were just toys, he assured the man who confronted him, yet it was anything but reassuring. When Loretta visited the couple, she saw a toxic relationship. If Yathomas wanted something, Lisa would drop everything to get it for him right then.

If Lisa wanted something, well, she rarely told Yathomas. But all of that was circumstantial. Lisa told everyone that her relationship was fine, that she was happy. It was the middle of June Yathomas had just left the house, Lisa told the operator. She begged for help, for herself and her husband. It is crazy. Yathomas called his wife from jail later that day.