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Shadow Highlander 6. Darkest Highlander Dark Warriors 1. Midnight's Master 2. Midnight's Lover 3. Midnight's Seduction 4. Midnight's Warrior 5. Midnight's Kiss 6. Midnight's Captive 7.

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Midnight's Temptation 8. Midnight's Promise Midnight's Surrender Sisters of Magic 1. Shadow Magic 2. Echoes of Magic 3. Dangerous Magic Shields 1. A Dark Guardian 2. A Kind of Magic 3. A Dark Seduction 4. A Forbidden Temptation 5.

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A Warrior's Heart Dark Kings 0. Dark Craving 0. Night's Awakening 0.

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Dawn's Desire 1. Darkest Flame 2. Fire Rising 3. Burning Desire 4. Hot Blooded 5. Night's Blaze 6. Soul Scorched 6. Dragon King 7.

Passion Ignites 8. Smoldering Hunger 9.


Smoke and Fire 9. Dragon Fever Identity, destiny, and magic: developmental perspectives on major themes in young adult fantasy series Public Deposited. You do not have access to any existing collections.

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You may create a new collection. APA Caggia, P. Identity, destiny, and magic: developmental perspectives on major themes in young adult fantasy series. Chicago Caggia, Peter T. Rowling's Harry Potter series. The analysis was conducted to examine major themes in young adult fantasy: Identity as in, the search for , Destiny participation in a larger plan , and Magic the acquisition, use, and mastery of magical powers and devices. Findings were discussed as they related to the developmental theories of Erikson and Piaget.

A sequence of identity discovery emerged as the central focus of the relationship between Identity, Destiny, and Magic. What Stick Dog lacks in complex illustrations, however, it makes up for with its awesome plot, hungry dogs with names like Poo Poo, Mutt, Karen, and Stripes, and the hunt for their favorite meal. Get ready to laugh and crave a burger or two in this first of many Stick Dog adventures.

This series truly is a set of novels in a cartoon format.

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Kids who love humor and natural history are in luck with this series that follows the adventures and mischief of Neanderthal siblings Lucy and Andy. Inspired by his visits to The Field Museum of Natural History, Jeffrey Brown deftly weaves fact into laugh-out-loud fiction, including modern-day interludes featuring museum historians teaching kids about life in the Stone Age.

Nate, however, is always looking ahead to great things. Nate just knows his life is going to be BIG. This series will keep you laughing and rooting for Nate, no matter what. Roan is about to learn that school is hard for everyone, including Jedis. Not even Master Yoda can save Roan from the awkwardness that comes from being the newest kid at Jedi Academy, although learning how to lift boulders with the Force is going to make things a little easier.

Lots of snark, plenty of fun, hysterical illustrations, and adventures galore await readers brave enough to climb up into this one-of-a-kind hideaway. Binky has never, ever left the house.