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Our Code of Ethics represents our ongoing efforts at articulating the practical principles that guide our organization, regardless of social, economic, or political pressures, toward a better and more sustainable future.

Blue Marble

IRS Exemption Document. IRS Exemption Application. Initiative Progress Reports: FY External Audit Reports: FY Our Gold Seal from Guidestar:. Support Us Our Team. Space exploration begins at home.

Play Video. Our Mission. We are a US-based international non-profit that promotes cooperative exploration of space, examines life as a planetary process, and enables a sustainable future on Earth. Our mission is to cultivate scientific innovation and entrepreneurship by engaging with lifelong learners. More Information.

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We are a c 3 public charity founded in We use our initiatives to: Promote the "Blue Marble" as a symbol of international unity in space exploration. Increase international awareness, education and collaboration in space exploration.

Space exploration begins at home.

Advance and preserve international awareness of our planet , its resources and its people. Improve human condition on Earth. Facilitate the synergy of technology with the environment. Develop the capability for the human exploration of space.

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"The Blue Marble" | Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation

The camera itself normally snaps a series of 10 using different narrowband filters, from ultraviolet to the near-infrared. Click below for a full size version:.

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  • Time and Motion Study.
  • An Astrological Insight.

So what are we looking at here? The image shows the effects of sunlight scattered by air molecules in the shallow seas around the Caribbean islands, giving them a bluish tint in the central turquoise areas, NASA said in a statement. The photo was taken at Lagrange point 1 L1 , which is approximately one million miles away from Earth:. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page.

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