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Luminescence Applications. Chapter 1 pp Chapter Views Citations 1. PDF 3 MB. Abstract The use of luminescence methods to measure the properties of chemical and biochemical systems has expanded so greatly in recent years that technical reviews and bibliographies no longer attempt to encompass the entire field, dealing instead with some restricted portion of the major subdivisions that have evolved. Pair your accounts.


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Your Mendeley pairing has expired. Please reconnect. This website uses cookies to improve your user experience. The possible reason is that the cerium ions in the complex were almost covered by quantities of lanthanum ions. Additionally, it is well known that lanthanum ions have no 4f electrons and the energy level of excited states exceeds the triplet levels of the ligand, so lanthanum ions theoretically do not emit in the visible region.

These phenomena suggest that the luminescence properties of the composites are not only related to the additive amount of the complexes but also correlated with the kind of the complexes or the interaction between the TCA matrix and the additive complexes.

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It is well known that there are abundant hydroxyl groups in TCA molecules and carbonyl groups in SSA molecules, probably leading to the existence of hydrogen bonds between the oxygen atoms from the carbonyl groups and hydroxyl groups. This interaction potentially disturbs the coordination between the oxygen atom from the carbonyl groups of SSA and central ions and probably reduces the energy transfers from SSA to central ions. Therefore, the TCA matrix in the composites can have an impact on the luminescence properties of the added complexes.

The possible reason is that due to the aforementioned interaction, the decrease in the energy absorbed by SSA causes lower energy for lanthanum ions when the content of lanthanum ions is relatively high, leading to a weaker sensitization effect of lanthanum on cerium ions.

2.4: Hydrogen Luminescence

Consequently, a blue fluorescent polymer material with fine luminescence properties was successfully obtained. All dinuclear complexes and the chosen TCA composites emitting blue light displayed the characteristic emission of the cerium ion. The introduction of lanthanum ions can obviously improve the luminescence intensity of the dinuclear complex and can be favorable for retaining the excellent fluorescence of the TCA matrix.

Open PDF. Nanomaterials and Energy. Volume 6 Issue 2, December , pp.

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Key: Open access content Subscribed content Free content Trial content. Full Text Abstract Section:. Keywords: doping optical properties polymeric materials. Related content.

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Partially biobased processable polyimides based on aromatic diamine derived from cardanol. Synthesis and characterization of a novel rosin-based monomer: free-radical polymerization and epoxy curing.

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