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The mission of Rising Star Outreach is "To help the leprosy colonies become thriving, self-sufficient communities. Cyrus, I think the difference is between someone who wants to survive and someone who can no longer think clearly due to stress or old age or being too young to understand the danger. When my grandmother was living with me she would not eat and just did not understand she needed to.

I found two things she loved and she ate many, many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cream of wheat with brown sugar until she felt better when we got her medications regulated. Studies have shown children and the elderly are the most at risk. Thank you, Bro. We members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have a responsibility to study and promote the divinely inspired Constitution. We cannot follow it if we do not know what it says. Hillsdale College's free on-line course, Constitution , is excellent. They have a right as a private religious organization, to determine the criteria for who joins.

The only part I have a problem with is that they weren't up front about it when the family originally signed up.


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Welcome to the world of religious freedom! It is hard to read all these comments, I think we all are victims of these constant promptings from Lucifer. He was a victim too; Lucifer knew the glory that awaits for David and he Lucifer worked extra hard to make sure David won't be able to reach it. My Eternal Companion and I went to our local temple last week and she tried to pay for her rental clothing with cash. Visa is accepted though This is a fantastic article!

I too struggled with the temple at first.

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The biggest thing that helped was my mom who told me that she didn't understand everything either and keep going back. It was reassuring to know that as long as I continued to go back that I would learn powerful truths that would help me. I found that to be the case.

My current issue is the new film. I get motion sickness if I watch it for too long. I try to listen to what they are saying and close my eyes and fall asleep!

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It is so difficult. You could remind her that regardless of whether or not her husband married her on the rebound, or not. If he truly never loved her, and she has been faithful to him and to the Lord, a loving Heavenly Father will provide an eternal spouse for her who will love her in the way she always hoped to be loved. Great article. Good suggestions. I had a bishop who said that your visit to the temple could be a deeply sacred experience or it could be no more spiritually significant than visiting the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant.

It's really up to you. I was fascinated by a comment Richard Bushman made to a group of seasoned journalists about how Latter-day Saints create sacred space. The temple may be sacred to the Lord, but it only becomes sacred to ourselves as individuals as we take deliberate action to make it so. More than a decade ago, I had a stake president who counseled stake members to attend the temple weekly or as often as circumstances allowed.

To be frank, I was chagrined by his counsel. Weren't we already busy enough? The first year of so of my weekly temple visits were tainted by my attitude. But you know what? Week after week, the Lord softened my heart a little bit. Eventually my weekly time in the temple became deeply sacred. I learned more and more, and I had many hallowed experiences. So I know that your suggestion to keep attending the temple really works. The ACA shouldn't have any say in religious beliefs, in my opinion.

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Are the significant dates such as first visits of Moroni to the Prophet Joseph Smith and the date of receiving of the gold plates, etc. I can't thank you enough for your insights into these wonderful scriptures. I don't listen to the podcast but I read the article every week and add numerous notes to my scriptures What a lovely reminder on the day I'm returning to "my" Temple. It hasn't been long; nor is temple attendance unusual for me.

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Regardless, these sweet reminders added so much to my work day that will melt into my "temple trip" day I live a distance and so will stay at Temple Patron apts. To others reading this, I add my witness that it is indeed our attitude, not our knowledge, that prepares us along with personal worthiness! Attending g the temple regularly changes your life. You are more focused on the things that truly matter. Beautiful Article.

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The first point: "You are sons and daughters of God" is something that helps me stay focused in even the hardest times. I just repeat over and over out loud if possible or in my heard when it's not, I am a daughter of God, over and over until I feel grounded and focused. I think that Stephen E. Robinson's book "Are Mormons Christians? It would take to long to clarify their objections here. So I would recommend the book to make a clear statement back to them.

Now you can put those wonderful stories into Family Search for all the world to see. And even the pictures too. I love that feature of the program. I don't have many stories but the ones I have I share! Loved this article —it mirrors my own experiences and feelings in many ways and expresses them better than I ever could.

I receive my endowment many many years ago— completely unprepared as far as temple preparation classes or anything except negative and bewildering comments from others. Fortunately, and I will be grateful for this eternally, I fell in love with the temple from the very first words spoken during in the first ordinance— I am sure it was because I was already in love with the Lord and somehow trusted and knew that whatever happened that day was from Him, and was what He wanted me to know and feel.

If we go to the temple loving Him and always remembering Him, and trusting Him, I can promise He will fill us with reverent joy —if we will only be still and know that He is God. Thank you so much for this wonderful article! My wife and I are the temple preparation instructors for our ward and we have had many wonderful discussions with young people preparing for missions and couples who are going to the temple for the first time or returning after many years of being absent from temple attendance.

We teach our lessons one-on-one with each individual or family and love the intimacy of that setting. The points made in this article will be helpful to us in explaining the importance of regular temple attendance and listening carefully to the whisperings of the Spirit while there. Thank you again! This site allows you to choose a charity that a certain percentage of you order total will be donated to.

The first time I read about Rising Star, I determined that this would be the organization that I would choose.